Ross looks to create work that is progressive, intrinsically elegant and thoughtful.

Ross Thompson thinks differently to most about furniture, approaching his designs from angles others don’t.

Drawing form a creative foundation as a musician, inspired by travel and formally trained in the art of furniture making, each piece created for Ross Thompson Furniture is symphony of these elements.

Born into a family of makers, creatives and doers, Ross began his craft at a young age, working with his father in the shed of their Ballarat home.  These formative moments exposed Ross to the allure of wood, the potential of the hand-made and satisfaction of a job well done.

An apprenticeship in Furniture Making gave Ross the grounding for his craft yet there was a tension between the way he saw the world and the traditional one that beckoned him should he choose to use his newly acquired skills for a career.

These restless instincts led to travel adventures through America and Europe and into a Bachelor of Contemporary Music. It was during these studies that Ross was exposed to the power of creativity for self-expression, regardless of medium or message.

These experiences stirred within him a new creative clarity and confidence and it wasn’t long before he was back to where it all began, picking up the tools and shaping his ideas into expressive modern furniture.

This marked a turning point for Ross, putting aside the conventions of his past and articulating an approach reflective of his own journey.

Ross sets out to merge the world of the traditional furniture maker, with its intricate joins and processes, with that of the designer, creating aesthetically minded pieces that display strong creative intent.
It is an approach that has seen his profile and customer base grow, becoming one of Australia’s best emerging furniture designers/makers.

Exuding mid-century style and a minimalist influence from Japanese and Bauhaus design principles, each Ross Thompson piece has an inbuilt intent or idea to express.

“Everything that is added to my pieces is done with intent. Each element is there because I have decided it should be, not because someone else said so,” explains Ross.  

“Ultimately, I want to create simple, considered and confident furniture with meaning. Pieces that create a connection with those who integrate them into their home and lifestyle.”

Ross provides a level of craftsmanship rarely seen today, using traditional and modern joinery techniques to bring his work to life. Materials are sourced from small, bespoke timber mills ensuring that the sawmiller can personally attest to the life of the tree and its placement within the environment.

His minimalist approach comes from a belief that over-complexity obscures the meaning, craftsmanship and design intent of the creator.

Ross is known for a professional and friendly approach and loves to bring clients along the design journey. Key to this is the connection between the clients needs and desires and he treats each commission as a client’s investment.

“I understand the emotional and financial investment of commissioning a piece. For me, I  love to work with clients who appreciate the process of making a custom piece,” says Ross.

A Ross Thompson piece brings atmosphere to any room, speaking to its considered beginnings and welcoming a human connection for years to come.




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"Local craftsman Ross Thompson combines beautiful timber, skill and design to create furniture that is both functional and unique"

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"Ross Thompson is a very impressive young man who creates beautifully crafted bespoke furniture from his small home based workshop in Geelong.  His style is a little retro reflecting the craftsmanship of practitioners of an earlier era, but with a maturity that belies his youth."